Annual Parade
Annual Parade Saturday, July 5, 2014

News Flash- Board Members Needed!

Two board members are needed. Linda Cook and Ella Jez recently resigned from the board. With only 6 board members total, this means that the remaining four board members must be present at each board meeting.

Ella’s position expires December 31, 2014
Linda’s position expires December 31, 2015

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact one of the board members for more information. We have some great committees at work, and are facing decisions on the CR 123 property, revising the deeds and covenants, revising the bylaws, finishing the medians over the next 2 years, and creating a set of water wise lawn guidelines (required by state law). YOUR direction is needed so that this HOA is what YOU want it to be, whether it is to CHANGE it or keep it the same! Besides, do you want only 4 people to decide the future of this organization? Not great representation!

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2014 Executive Board Members

Dale Ricklefs 512-334-9177

Vice President

Donna Allen 228-224-0062

Jana Dahl 512-417-7022

Janis Delman 512-716-1111
Justin Tanner

Committee Members

Common Area Maintenance
Jim Bond
Vicki Boriack
Andreas Schreyer
Donna Allen
Justin Tanner

Directory (To contact homeowners to see what they want as a directory listing. Residents have to give permission for their information to be posted. Best practices.)
Janis Delman 512-716-1111
Donna Allen 228-224-0062

Architectural Review & Deed Compliance

Jana Dahl 512-417-7022
Dale Ricklefs
Dennis Sustare

Social Committee
Janis Delman 512-716-1111
Becky Margolies
Lou Ann Woodall
Leslie Dadidakis
Doreen Kittrell

Welcome Committee- for new residents
Janis Delman 512-716-1111
Lou Ann Woodall
Donna Allen 228-224-0062

CR123 Property Task Force
Jana Dahl 
Dale Ricklefs
Donna Allen
Mike Moore
Beverly Nord

Yard of the Month Committee
Becky Margolies - chair
Pam Capelli
Carol Christal
Paul Margolies
Lou Ann Woodall

Bylaws Task Force
Donna Allen 228-224-0062

Deed and Covenants Review Task Force
Dale Ricklefs (Board liaison)
Janis Delman (Board liaison)
Lamar Urbanovsky
Russ Kampfe
Michael Wayne

Xeriscape Guidelines
Claudia Harbert
Dennis Sustare

Property Management
Heather Hood, 866-473-2573

Web site
Nancy Durant

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Upcoming Events

  • August 19- Dinner club meeting 7pm
  • September 17- Board meeting-6pm
  • October 15- Board meeting-6pm
  • November 19- 2014 Annual meeting- 6:30pm

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